Online daily lamrim meditation with Gen Nyingpo

  • Dates

    Weekdays from January 24th ¦ Daily lamrim meditation ¦ 30 minute sessions ¦ available for 24 hours

  • course teacher

    Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Nyingpo teaches these classes

  • How the course is run

    When the course starts you will receive a link to view the page where the daily videos will be available to view. Each video is available to view on the scheduled day and you can watch at any time that day (see calendar below for schedule)

Lamrim - stages of the path meditation

Weekdays during January / February (new series starting January 24)

£30 for series of 20 meditations / free with membership

This course is a fantastic way to establish a regular lamrim meditation practice and is especially recommended as a supplement for those already engaging already in one of our meditation courses (beginners, in-depth or Foundation Programme).

During these 30-minute sessions we will look at practical meditations taken from the special presentation of Buddha’s teachings of the path to enlightenment known as Kadam Lamrim.

  • 2-3 minute breathing meditation to settle the mind
  • Explanation of the lamrim meditation
  • Liberating prayer and receiving blessings
  • 15 minute guided lamrim meditation
  • Brief explanation of how to practice during your day

Each session is available only for 24 hours (midnight to midnight)

Lamrim schedule

WEEK 1 – WC January 24

Monday – Precious human life

Tuesday – Death and impermanence

Wednesday – Rebirth

Thursday – Refuge practice

Friday – Karma (actions and their effects)

WEEK 2 – WC January 31

Monday – Developing renunciation for samsara

Tuesday – Developing equaninity

Wednesday – Recognising that all living beings are our mothers

Thursday – Kindness of others

Friday – Equalising self and others

WEEK 3 – WC February 7

Monday – Disadvantages of self-cherishing

Tuesday – Advantages of cherishing others

Wednesday – Exchanging self with others

Thursday – Great compassion

Friday – Taking

WEEK 4 – WC January 14

Monday – Wishing love

Tuesday – Giving happiness

Wednesday – Bodhichitta / Tranquil abiding

Thursday – Emptiness of our I

Friday – Relying upon a Spiritual Guide


Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Nyingpo teaches these classes

advice for online classes

Please find a comfortable and quiet place that you consider special in your home or room. Prepare yourself before the class begins by turning off your phone, avoiding distractions, making sure you can focus on the teaching for its duration. Have a notebook to write down some of the key points of the teaching that you want to remember and integrate in your life. Enjoy!

We pray for everyone who is experiencing stress and anxiety, and especially for those who are ill. May everyone enjoy good health, peace and happiness.