ONLINE Beginners meditation courses with Gen Nyingpo


    Sessions are 60 minutes, recorded on Wednesdays live at 7.00pm and available for one week

    Weekly during From April 27th¦ Six habits of happy people

  • Course fee & tickets

    Weekly during April – June¦ Six habits of happy people  ¦ 60 minute sessions ¦ £36 series of 6

    If you wish to book a session once the course has started please email us at (the fee for individual sessions is £9)

  • course teacher

    Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Nyingpo teaches these classes

  • How the course is run

    On the day of the first session you will receive an email with links to view the videos for this course. You will also receive a reminder email each week.

Six habits of happy people

Weekly classes from April 27th with Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo

Book the 6 week course for £36 ¦ free with membership

Happiness is something that each one of us has the potential to experience, but often our habitual ways of thinking take us in the opposite direction. This engaging meditation course will teach critical lessons about some of the habits of happy people that will enrich your life’s experience.

We will explore several meditations and ways of thinking that uplift the mind and how by carrying these with mindfulness into our day we can maintain a light, joyful attitude whatever life throws our way. Everyone is welcome to attend and no previous experience is necessary.

**sessions are live at the times below and available to you for one week**

April 27: Developing positive mental habits

May 4: Joy

May 11: Acceptance

May 18: Gratitude

May 25: Peace

June 1: Generosity

Thank you for the wonderful course you have been providing online since lockdown.  Before lockdown myself and my friend had started to attend the drop in Thursday lunch time sessions which were held at the Kadampa centre in Reading. I hadn’t previously attended a session by Gen Nyingpo but after 8 weeks of meditating with Gen Nyingpo I have felt really uplifted by her style of teaching and I really love the light humour she displays which really resonates with me.


Firstly I want to say thank you SO much for the amazing online meditation courses that you’ve been running. They’ve been invaluable to me during lockdown. I don’t know where to start on how much your wisdom has helped me and I’m now making an effort to meditate daily.

The online teachings and mediations having helped me focus during these strange lockdown times. They give you much to think about and the best ways to lead your life, especially as we move forward into a new way of social interaction. The overall messages – Be patient and Be kind. Thoroughly recommended.

Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Nyingpo teaches these classes

advice for online classes

Please find a comfortable and quiet place that you consider special in your home or room. Prepare yourself before the class begins by turning off your phone, avoiding distractions, making sure you can focus on the teaching for its duration. Have a notebook to write down some of the key points of the teaching that you want to remember and integrate in your life. Enjoy!

We pray for everyone who is experiencing stress and anxiety, and especially for those who are ill. May everyone enjoy good health, peace and happiness.

Meditation is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective means to reduce stress and improve our quality of life, however it also has much deeper and far-reaching benefits that have been understood by Buddhist practitioners for thousands of years.

The benefits of meditation include:

– Effective means to reduce stress & anxiety
– Improves mindfulness & concentration
– Promotes a more positive approach to life
– Aids relaxation and letting go of tension

Each class consists of two guided meditations and instruction. Anyone can practice meditation and everyone is welcome to attend.