Meditation & mindfulness events in Farnham

  • Dates & time

    Mindfulness Toolkit – Saturday, September 17  ¦ 10.30- 1.00pm ¦ £25

    Meditations to reduce stress and anxiety – Saturday, November  12  ¦ 10.30- 1.00pm ¦ £25

  • Venue

    Farnham Maltings,
    Bridge Square
    GU9 7QR

  • Timetable

    10.15am: Doors open
    10.30 – 11.30am: Teaching and guided meditations
    11.30 – 12.00pm: Refreshment break
    12.00 – 1.00 pm: Teaching and guided meditations

Mindfulness Toolkit

Saturday, September 17 ¦ 10.30- 1.00pm ¦ £25

Meditation and mindfulness course with Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo. Explore essential mental tools utilised to increase mindfulness and focus, and make progress in meditation. The workshop consists of two sessions of guided meditations and practical instructions.

Two one hour sessions of guided meditations and practical advice. Training in basic mindfulness is a tool for managing our emotions and controlling our thoughts and feelings. During this course we will learn about mindfulness, concentration, attention, and alertness. Through improving these aspects of mind you will come to experience increased happiness and peace of mind. Using instructions given in the text, How to Understand the Mind, Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo will explain the essential mental tools that we utilize to make progress in meditation.

• How meditation works

• Essential tools for meditation: concentration, mindfulness and alertness

• How to overcome distraction

Meditations to reduce stress and anxiety

Saturday, November 12  ¦ 10.30- 1.00pm ¦ £25

Meditation event with Buddhist monk, Gen Rabten. Learn how to replace stressed and anxious minds with peace, confidence and resilience. Gen Rabten has taught Buddhist meditation worldwide for 30 years

Meditation event with Buddhist monk, Gen Rabten. There will be two, one-hour sessions of guided meditations and practical advice for a happy life. Feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the stresses and demands of everyday life are increasingly common in society. At this event Buddhist monk, Gen Rabten will explore meditation methods and ways of thinking derived from the Buddhist teachings that will help us to let go of our stressed and anxious minds and deal with our negative emotions more confidently and effectively. Everybody is welcome – no need for any previous experience of meditation.


Gen Kelsang Rabten has taught meditation for more than twenty-five years and is the National Spiritual Director for Kadampa Buddhism in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. He currently teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Leeds and regularly travels worldwide to teach and guide retreats.


Farnham Maltings is a creative arts centre in the heart of the market town of Farnham in Surrey, England.  The meditation and mindfulness course will take place in the Long Kiln Room at the Farnham Maltings. Booking will be available through the Farnham Maltings box office and information will appear in the upcoming events on their website.

Meditation events at Farnham Maltings

Several times a year, Buddhist nun, Gen Nyingpo teaches meditation courses at the Farnham Maltings. Anyone can benefit from these events, so why not come along and try out one of our meditation courses?

The benefits of meditation include:

– Effective means to reduce stress & anxiety
– Improves mindfulness and concentration
– Promotes a more positive approach to life
– Aids relaxation and letting go of tension

Other events

We hold weekly meditation classes in Reading and various meditation events and retreat in locations across the South-east. You may also be interested in our regular online meditation courses.