IN-PERSON meditation classes with Gen Nyingpo

  • Time, dates & venue

    How to stay calm and balanced when things go wrong ¦ 7.00 – 8.15pm ¦ April 26, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

    Five ways to Detox your mind  ¦ 7.00 – 8.15pm ¦ June 21, 28 July 5, 12, 19

    Classes take place at Kadampa Meditation Centre Reading, 9 Bath Road, RG1 6HH (parking onsite)

  • course teacher

    Resident teacher, Gen Kelsang Nyingpo teaches these classes

  • COVID info

    • Book online in advance or drop-in
    • Please arrive in good time for the class
    • Chairs are spaced out and there is good ventilation
    • Please do not attend if you have COVID symptoms

How to stay calm and balanced when things go wrong

Weekly classes – April / May 

Class fee £9 (weekly rate) ¦ free with membership

During this course Gen Nyingpo will explain practical methods for transforming daily activities. Buddha gave different meditation practices that we can apply to turn adversity into a meaningful experience. By transforming adversity we will develop an inner strength and courage that will carry us through challenging times.

April 26: Special advice for daily life

May 3: Why me, why now?

May 10: Vision of peace

May 17: The magical practice of taking and giving

May 24: Purifying the mind

May 31: A wise way to view adversity

Five ways to detox your mind

Weekly classes – June/July

Class fee £9 (weekly rate) ¦ free with membership

Detox your mind and discover the inner causes of tension, stress and unpeaceful thoughts. Learn how to clear your mind of clutter and replace negative states of mind with a more positive and peaceful outlook. During this course, Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo will explain three practical methods and guide meditations allowing you to experience a mental detox.

The course is taught by Buddhist nun and resident teacher Gen Nyingpo and is suitable for everyone.

June 21: Breaking bad mental habits and cultivating good habits

June 28: Freedom from craving

July 5: Dealing with difficulties

July 12: Gaining freedom from jealousy

July 19: Coping with uncertainty

These feature meditation classes with Gen Kelsang Nyingpo cover a wide range of engaging topics. You can attend the whole course or drop in whenever you can. The classes include 2 guided meditations and a practical teaching on how to apply the ancient wisdom of Buddha’s teachings to busy modern life and are not to be missed! The classes are part of our General Programme.

With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Nyingpo