Vajrasattva purification retreat

    • Date & time

      Vajrasattva Purification retreat
      October 30, 10am – 3pm (3 sessions of guided retreat)

      Venue: Kadampa Meditation Centre Reading, 9 Bath Road, RG1 6HH (parking onsite)

    • Course fee & tickets

      IN-PERSON – £20 includes lunch / members – please book and pay £3.50 for lunch on the day

      Retreat runs Sunday 10am – 3.00pm

    Vajrasattva retreat information

    On this retreat day Gen Nyingpo will guide three sessions focussing on the powerful purification practice of Buddha Vajrasattva. Discover four opponent powers that when used in combination with Vajrasattva’s powerful mantra can prevent future suffering and purify our mind. Through this practice we can remove the inner causes of our problems and sufferings, and create the cause for peace and happiness.

    To attend this retreat it is very beneficial to have attended the course on Saturday October 29th. Click here for info. 


    All sessions are approximately 1 hour

    Sunday Retreat
    10am: Retreat session
    11am: Coffee / tea break
    12pm: Retreat session
    1pm: light lunch
    2pm: Retreat session


    Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Nyingpo will teach this course